Quest for Glory Sale

Act fast to grab this GOG discount!

Wulf's Blog

I had mentioned Quest For Glory in my last blog post and it seems that is now having a sale on the series. It is currently 67% off an already low price for all five games. If you are interested in checking it out or are already a fan but need copies that work with modern operating systems, now is the time to grab it. This is a limited-time sale and will end after this weekend.

A special thank you to the people at Quest for More Glory for providing some key information about the GoG version of the game. The original releases had some bugs, but according to the QfMG forums, the GoG release fixes all the known issues. Additionally, the QfG 4 version included in the bundle is the CD version that had voice acting. The bundle also contains all the original documentation in PDF format, with the absolutely necessary QfG 4 manual for the science element codes.

If you like Adventure RPG games, I highly recommend this series. Just click here if you would like to take advantage of the low price. I intend to post some game reviews on this series in the near future, so be sure to look for those!