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Greetings! Welcome to Gamer Guildhall! Inside you'll...

What's that? We covered that already? Hmm...

Well then, allow me to introduce myself!

The name I go by most in games is Wulf. I've used many different names before that, but in my early days of gaming I was playing characters in a storyline, not creating my own story within them. I grew up on console and handheld games and when I had the option of naming a character, I would try to name that character relevant to the game plot. It wasn't until I got into MUD's and MMOG's1 that I really started to think about what I wanted to bring to an existing story and the character persona I wanted to develop. However, nothing has shaped my love of story in games like the Quest for Glory series by Corey and Lori Ann Cole. I'll admit, I was a little late to this party and only encountered it because someone gave me a box of old PC games. What a gift! Quest for Glory is definitely my "go to" when I talk about my favorite game/series.

So why "Wulf"?

Because it's the old-English spelling of my favorite animal. It's the first interest / part of me I brought to a character. To be clear, I have been working out my own game/story ideas since I was a child. I was hesitant to bring something of myself to existing games because the creative process was a personal (and so private) thing for me. I now find that developing a character background & story enriches gameplay and a character connection to the lore/storyline in a game only enhances immersion.

How does that convey to the purpose of Gamer Guildhall?

What I hope to bring to this is honest reviews of games for people looking to see if a game is a good fit for them, insights and updates about various gaming and game-related topics, and assist in building an online community for gamers to do the same. A story isn't truly alive if you don't have others to experience it with, so building Gamer Guildhall can only happen by sharing our gaming interests and experiences with one another. This is a place to share our gaming story and turn that story into an adventure. After all, Gamer Guildhall is about Adventures in Gaming.

1. Yeah, that's right... I still use the 'G'! I also pronounce it as a single-syllable word. It's just cleaner and quicker to say. I do use "MMO" for social media purposes, though. Let's face it, individual preference isn't going to replace or compete with search term popularity. (Back to the text.)