May 2021 Newsletter

Expanding Our Reach


We have a lot to cover, so let's jump in!


This year will see 10 years since the registration of the domain. Until now, the site has been managed as a hobby site and way to connect gaming friends. Different avenues had been explored over the years as possible growth opportunities or potential directions. We've tried things, we've changed things, we've learned along the way. Now we're taking steps forward to build this platform into a true asset for all gamers.


The re-design of the website has moved us away from a Content Management System to using manual design. Not only has this updated the platform to be more responsive to current devices, but has given us greater control over its layout. The site was also built to operate without using cookies or trackers to respect user privacy. We firmly believe that people should be able to obtain information online without having to unknowingly give up theirs.


A new Directory is in place to let gamers search out games categorized by Single-player, Multiplayer, or MMO. Each listed game has a description as well as links to official sites and 3rd party resources that assist gameplay. The Directory is small to start, but we'll be adding to it continuously over time.

A Resource section has been added and will soon be populated with many links to helpful sites in various categories. We believe a key aspect of gamer life is sharing important relevant information with one another. Contents will focus on improving your gameplay, streaming your games, building your own games, and everyday life.


A major project we were undertaking was implementing an Arcade section on the site. We had identified several browser game suppliers and selected one we thought was promising. However, most free game suppliers run ads on their games and ultimately we decided to refrain. This is only on hold for now and may become a consideration again at a later date.

We've also elected not to institute forums at this time. This is still a potential consideration for the future, but newer technologies provide ease-of-use communication hubs more widely used by the gaming community.


As noted above, we did not create an official forum for the site. However, we have managed an official Discord server for several years for our community. With the re-design and re-launch of this website, we'll be working on a revamp of that server for use by a larger population.

We're looking forward to growing as a community and expanding into new endeavors. As always, we will maintain our focus on gamers and strive to provide quality resources and information. We invite you to join us on this adventure of gaming growth as we explore these initiatives.