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UPDATE: (June 30, 2020) We've moved away from #ClassyClassicWOW and Classy Classic Discord servers. Read more here.

Announcing the official opening of multiple Classy Classic Discord Servers! Each of these servers has a number of features and will continue to grow with their respective communities.


Serving the World of Warcraft Classic US East & US West communities, this Discord server has channels dedicated to both Horde & Alliance for each of the aforementioned US East & West servers. We strive to create a family-friendly atmosphere with which to discuss the game.

    Benefits of Classy Classic US:
  • Family-friendly environment to discuss a game we all enjoy on both a realm and regional level.
  • With the addition of Paid Character Transfers, this can help create a community that allows players to get a sense of other servers before transferring there.
  • With the addition of Paid Character Transfers, this can help to allow players to keep in touch with other players from servers they have transferred from.
  • Cross-faction communication channels per realm that allows both co-operative and competitive events to be set up.
  • Per faction channels to look for groups, look for guilds, and find others who can craft items of those hard-to-find recipes!
Come join us in Classy Classic US at: CLOSED


A family-friendly home for role-players whose characters are set in the world of Azeroth! Whether your character is on a RP server or not, you can engage in the imaginative world of role-playing with others by joining this community.

    Benefits of Classy Classic RP:
  • Ability to participate in Role-Playing regardless of WoW Classic server.
  • Opportunity to develop role-playing events on servers through specified channels regardless of guild.
  • Meet role-players from the opposite faction or other servers you wouldn't otherwise be able to encounter.
Come join us in Classy Classic RP at: CLOSED

Classy Classic is a purely fan-created community.