Spirit of Eche'ro

How to get the WoW Archaeology mount if you aren't 110

Game Tip

Time is running out before the rare archaeology quest to obtain the Spirit of Eche'ro mount in World of Warcraft resets to a new random quest with the weekly rollover. If you wanted to obtain this mount, but don't have a character of high enough level to do so, we've got you covered! We've worked out a method for players to still complete this coveted quest. Please note, this method utilizes an Alliance character, but the mount is shared by all characters on the account once obtained. (This same method should be able to be utilized with a Horde character, but you will have to figure out certain locations yourself.)

Step 1

Create a Class Trial character. With the recent update to Class Trials, characters now start at level 110. This puts you at a level to obtain the archaeology quest. You will be able to use the Class Trial character for 8 hours of game played time before it expires. This should be quite enough time to complete the quest. As a reminder, creating a Dwarf character allows for the racial bonus of obtaining additional archaeology fragments when surveying, so using a Dwarf will help speed things along.

Step 2

Complete the training scenario for your new character. Then complete "The Battle for Lordaeron" scenario. At the end of these, your character will arrive in Stormwind Harbor.

Step 3 (optional)

Travel over to Stormwind Keep. There is a library in the north next to the grassy area by the throne room. Speak with Harrison Jones. He is the Archaeology Trainer. Learn the Archaeology skill. (You only need to learn the first tier, but you can learn more if you'd like. This is also optional because the NPC in Dalaran you will be getting the quest from is an Archaeology Trainer, as well. We're just letting you know you have options.)

Step 4

Heading back towards the entrance to Stormwind Keep, there will be a room on your right before you leave the building. (Or on the left if you are skipping Step 3 and entering the Keep.) There is a portal to Dalaran (the Broken Isle version) in there. Take it.

Step 5

Once in Dalaran, travel to "Things of the Past" in the Magus Commerce Exchange section. If you haven't picked up Archaeology by this point, learn it now. She will then have the quest "The Right Path" available to you. Accept the quest.

Step 6

Travel to Krasus Landing. You should be able to fly out to Thunder Totem in Highmountain. (If not, you do receive a quest to go to your Class Hall when you first enter Dalaran. See if you can get a mission to send you to Highmountain. Otherwise, you'll just have to fly to wherever you can in Broken Isles and ride to Thunder Totem.)

Step 7

Once you arrive in Thunder Totem, turn in the quest "The Right Path" at Lessah Moonwater. She is on the top level of the town. You will receive the next part of the quest which is "Laying to Rest".

Step 8

Fly or ride around Highmountain completing the various dig sites. Unlock additional flight paths as you go to make traveling easier if you cannot fly. Remember that you have 8 hours of game played time to use the Class Trial, but once you complete the quest the mount is unlocked for your entire account.


Congratulations! Enjoy your new mount!