About Freebies

Free Game Announcement Policy



Who doesn't like that, right? We're no different and as we become aware of games and related items that are being offered with a 100% discount from trustworthy sources, we try to share that on our Twitter feed. Two things to note:

1. Freebies noted on our Twitter account may not be mentioned here in a site posting. It's easier to blast it out over Twitter, so be sure to follow us there or check out our embedded Twitter feed on this site.

2. There may be a delay between when a free item is initially offered and when we share it. This generally happens because we go through the process of obtaining the free item ourselves to make sure there is no hidden or extra things required. If there are, we try to note those things. (Example: requiring a 3rd party account such as Steam to claim an access code.)

So grab the freebies when you can and we'll do our best to continue to alert you to the ones we come across!