Free RIFT Expansion

Limited Time Giveaway

Game News

If you haven't heard, Trion Worlds has made a huge announcement concerning their MMORPG RIFT! First, they have renamed the most recent expansion, which is 4.0, to Prophecy of Ahnket. Previously, it was Starfall Prophecy. And here's the big news: they are giving it away FREE! This free giveaway is for a limited time, so make sure you log into RIFT to claim it!

How do you do it?

Between the dates of May 10, 2017 - May 14, 2017 just log into a character on your account. The expansion will then automatically apply to your account! That's it! Check out the full announcement.

So why the name change?

Trion Worlds wants to avoid confusion with the Starfall Education Foundation, which they've become recently acquainted. A deeper explanation can be found in the Producer's Letter.

So make sure you grab that free expansion while you can! And if you've been thinking of checking out RIFT, now is the time to make an account and get the freebies!