May 2016 Newsletter

Looking to the Future


We're closing...

...the door on past ways!

Actually, we're just making some behind the scenes changes to the site. Things may have seemed inactive over the past month, but there is actually a lot in development. Here's what we're looking to launch in the near future:


Instead of being brief snippets of multiple categories of a game, we want to re-focus the reviews to elaborate on the gameplay. URL's and technical information will be moved to a different kind of listing. Which brings us to...


As we review games, we'll add them to the Directory. Each game will have its own page providing information and several categories of links related to the game. These links will be both official sites by the game creators and pages created by fans of the listed game. Speaking of fans, we need a place to talk about these games...


Users will be able to register with the site and chat it up on our official forums! Allowing gamers to connect with other gamers and discuss their favorite games is one of the main goals of this site.

Keep checking back for more!