There is no game

A Game Review

Game Review


This is not a review...of something that is not a game. No game review here. Do not continue reading.

"There is no game" is a 'non-game' point-and-click single-player With the help of a narrator (the Voice), the player must navigate a series of situations to overcome barriers first presented by the Voice and later 'glitches'. Player success may result in victory and completion of a game that is not a game.


  • Puzzles. Situations are overcome and the game is advanced by taking actions based on context clues provided by the Voice.
  • Mouse-controlled. This game is completely point-and-click. There is no necessity for use of the keyboard.
  • Casual play. This is a short and simple game that has an end point and does not require long or multiple sessions to complete.



  • Humor-filled dialogue from the Voice provides hints for successful gameplay.
  • While allowing for some out-of-the-box thinking, the puzzles are relatively easy to figure out and solve.


  • Language limitation. The game offers both French and English versions, but this is only a text selection as the audio remains in English regardless of selection.
  • No dyslexic-friendly font selection. Since the French version forces reading for non-English speakers, this is where it is most problematic.


  • Look for context clues in the statements the Voice makes. Especially when it tells you not to do something.


Additional 'Easter eggs' or extras. Given the nature of the game and the ability to spell different words, some additional animations with snarky remarks for legitimate words spelled that do not actually solve the puzzles would have enriched the game experience/immersion.