The Curse of the Mushroom King

A Game Review

Game Review


Swing your axe high and join Bad Viking as he pillages across... What's that? No pillaging? Just a quest? To break a CURSE?!?! Well then, get ready to help Bad Viking undo this magical mischief so that he may once again enjoy the goodness of the delicacy known as PB & J sandwiches! Yum!

The Curse of the Mushroom King is a single-player Flash game. Players take on the role of Bad Viking in this humorous point-and-click quest adventure. Solve different puzzles and challenges by accomplishing tasks for other characters and collecting useful items. The game is completed by collecting the ingredients necessary for a potion to break the curse.


  • Puzzles & Quests. The game contains a number of item-based tasks that present a challenge in both obtaining items and uncovering their use.
  • Mouse-controlled. This game is completely point-and-click. There is no necessity for use of the keyboard.
  • Casual play. This is a short and simple game that has an end point and does not require long or multiple sessions to complete.
  • Beautiful artwork & animation. The graphics appear more hand-drawn than pixelated, bringing a cartoonish quality that adds to the overall levity of the game.



  • There is a help option that briefly explains how to play the game with a separate walkthrough link that provides solutions if you are stuck. The walkthrough is presented in categories with collapsible hints so that obtaining one solution does not force you to see all of them.
  • Highlight option. Activating the magnifying glass button will cause useful items in the game to be "highlighted". This will visually appear as a shimmering effect, which is especially useful for some of the smaller items that may easily be overlooked.
  • Humorous dialogue. Creative and comical interactions add to player amusement beyond trying to solve the different challenges.
  • Skip button. If you accidentally click a character and begin a dialogue again, you can click the skip button to bypass going through the whole conversation another time.


  • No volume control. You can only turn sound on or off. You cannot reduce or increase its level.
  • The highlight option only affects items you can pick up, not items you can interact with that might contain useful items.


  • Talk with everyone you meet. Some may not directly ask for help, but helping to overcome their plights can progress you in your own quest.
  • Click on objects in the game even if you can't pick them up. If your character displays dialogue when you click something, you can most likely interact with the object in some way with an inventory item.