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Game Review


Are you a hero? Looking for adventure? Do you enjoy new places? Then come journey to the land of Alderstone where the perils are fraught and the dangers are laden!

Kingsroad is a free MMO browser game that allows you to play interchangeably as three different classes. You can take on diverse challenges as either a Knight, Archer, or Wizard. The quest system follows the storyline of saving the land of Alderstone from the evil Adamar. Various types of content are unlocked by either progression, level, or overall power.


PvE System

Follow the story of Alderstone via the Map and subsequent Dungeons, or take on time-limited content in the forms of Events and Tournaments.
  • The Map is the overall storyline of Kingsroad and your character is tasked with quests to progressively liberate villages, defeat enemies, and ultimately vanquish Adamar. You can play zones in the map on three difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, & Champion. You must complete all zones in a given difficulty level to unlock the next.
  • Dungeons are similar to the map system, minus the graphical map interface. You can access them in town by speaking with Neya, the Dungeon Master. Like maps, you have to defeat one dungeon to be able to enter the next. They are divided into segments and each segment is part of a threaded story. (The dungeon storyline is post-Adamar.) Unlike the map, they cost gold to enter and increase in price depending on the segment you are accessing. They also have a Power requirement, which is determined from the items your character has equipped.
  • Events can be accessed through the Event Board in town and are missions to take on dilemmas in Alderstone. Each event has different levels of difficulty and rewards items/equipment based on that difficulty level. The rewards in events are generally better than dungeons. Events do not cost gold but use Event Coins or other special currency (e.g. Blood Rubies) to access them.
  • Tournaments allow your character to face off against a boss or scenario of NPC's. Each tournament has nine (9) of these bosses/scenarios. The reward for winning in a tournament is a jewel specific to the boss/scenario you've defeated. Each jewel must be upgraded and if you collect all nine (9), you can turn them in for the tournament prize. Tournaments have bronze, silver, gold, & platinum levels of difficulty.

PvP System

You can compete against other players in the Arena or by raiding Dragon Villages. Neither system allows for direct character combat between two players.
  • Arenas pit two (2) players against each other in a head-to-head competition to obtain the highest score by destroying the monsters and objects that spawn. Your goal is to destroy them before your opponent does. At the end of the arena match, the player with the highest score is the winner and is awarded the Winner reward of gold and items. The player that comes in second place receives a Consolation prize that has less gold and items.
  • Dragon Raids are an assault by your selected dragons on the dragons another player has pre-selected to defend his or her Dragon Village. Each player can have up to five (5) dragons selected. The other player does not need to be online to be attacked. (A raid message will appear in the other player's inbox with either "Victory" or "Defeat" and any gains or losses depending on who the winner was.) Rewards for dragon raids include Raid Medals and resources. Raid Medals are used to determine your overall raid score and are taken into account when matching you against other opponents. Resources include lumber, stone, dragonite, and silver and are used to build up your Dragon Village and dragons.



  • It's free! This is not a limited trial where it is only free to play to a certain level or has reserved content only for paid members.
  • Social media integration. You can additionally log into this game using your Facebook account, Armor Games account, or Kongregate account.
  • Regularly updated content. New activities and rewards are introduced on a steady basis without changing the main storyline and playability of the game.
  • Individualized drops. If you see an item on your screen that can be picked up, only you can see it! You don't have to worry about someone else stealing your loot. (Some items may be visible to multiple players, but that just means each player has an individualized copy of it.)


  • Pop-up ads/sales. Free games still have to make money, but there is an abundance of pop-ups within the game every time you log on or enter the town. It can become overbearing since characters travel to and from the town quite a bit.
  • No volume control. You can only turn sounds and music on or off. You cannot reduce or increase their level.
  • No logout feature. While you can log in to the game, there is no obvious logout option. A player must simply navigate off the page.
  • Unchanging female appearance. No matter what class or items you have selected/equipped, a female character will not change in appearance in the torso and leg regions.


  • Join a guild. The guild system in Kingsroad offers perks based on the level progression of the guild. There are also achievement awards that can be earned collectively as a guild.
  • Do your dailies. They don't take that long and many of them reward free gems, which is the currency usually obtained through real-world currency sales. Also, check the achievements in other tabs when new tournaments/arenas/events start as new ones may be added with rewards you may want to obtain.
  • Check the merchant for flash sales. Characters can obtain some helpful items for free each day.