Hero Simulator

A Game Review

Game Review


Take on the role of a hero in this simulated fantasy experience! Perfect your craft by performing various tasks throughout the kingdom. Upgrade your armor and weapon while obtaining new items and properties to aid you in your endeavors. Join guilds to unlock new quests and get increased rewards. Becoming the stuff of legends is now just a click-click-click away...

Hero Simulator is a single-player Flash-based Idle / Clicker game. Clickable upgrades include:

  • Quests / Tasks to increase income
  • Weapons & Armor to increase honor gains
  • Buildings to increase the number of Recruits you can have to automate the quest cycle
  • Tools to permanently increase money & honor gains from related quests
  • Animals to permanently increase quest speeds
There is also a "Reset Journey" option that allows your hero access to a new guild and bonus content, providing extended playability.


  • Party system that allows the hiring of helpers to restart jobs/quests automatically. (reduced clicking)
  • "Daily Kingdom News" to keep player aware of discounts/deals as they happen.
  • No save feature. Progress is stored by cookies only.


  • New discounts/deals are constantly changing on the "Daily Kingdom News". If you want to leave a sum of money/honor available for investments and purchases, you can hold off on upgrading quests until just before they are about to complete to get the raise in reward. This works extremely well when the amount you are investing to upgrade the quest is less than the one-time return of the quest as you will have your money back immediately. Of course, if the current news item is a discount in the quest you are looking to upgrade, there is no need to wait.
  • Be sure to check the ROI (Return On Investment) for upgrading quests. (Your own calculations, this is not a game feature.) At a certain point, you will be spending more money to upgrade it then you will receive in return in a reasonable timeframe.