RIFT: Unlock Wardrobe Appearances for Free

Craving wardrobe appearances in RIFT but don’t want to grind the currencies to unlock them? There’s an easy way to obtain these wardrobe appearances at a minimal cost that ultimately ends up being free. First, let’s establish some things about this method:


This is NOT a hack.
This is NOT a cheat.
This is NOT a bug.
You do NOT have to give your password to anyone.
You do NOT have to trade currency/items with other players.
You do NOT have to install third party software.


Okay, with that established, here is the method:

Open up the RIFT Store in the game. Select an item and click its purchase button. DO NOT CLOSE THE RIFT STORE! Open your bags. Sell the item back. Appearance unlocked!

Using this method, you will get a full return of your original purchasing cost. This does mean you have to have enough of whatever currency the item costs to be able to purchase it. However, since you will get it back, you can use the same currency repeatedly to buy all the items that require the currency instead of having to grind enough currency for each individual item.


Some things to note:

This method was not tested using credits, which is the in-game currency purchased with real world money. We are not responsible for any loss of credits in the use of this method.

Please read the item before purchasing. Some items read: ‘Consumed automatically once purchased.’. This means you will NOT have an item to sell back and thus this method will NOT work for that item. (This item note is why we believe the above method presented is legitimate in terms of game rules as there is a system in place to prevent certain items from being unlocked without grinding.)


So there you have it! Have fun unlocking new wardrobe appearances and please share your experiences with this or other legitimate wardrobe appearance acquiring tips you may have in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “RIFT: Unlock Wardrobe Appearances for Free

  1. Gamecalibur

    I do the same thing to unlock wardrobe appearances! Another practice my guild uses is keeping one slot of the guild vault for items. Just withdraw it and then re-deposit it. It will unlock the appearance and everyone in the guild can work together to get those random drop BoE appearances.

    • That’s a great tactic! Good use of teamwork! If you run dungeons with those guildmates, you can pass the BoP items for a short time after it drops if you were in the party. Just another way to work together to unlock wardrobe appearances. Make sure you get the item back to the person who won it before the timer, though!

  2. Pepper

    ?Awesome! ☺

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