Additional Credits

Credit where credit is due!

This site has made use of the following resources:

Thank you to Ray Larabie for creating theTypodermic Fonts in the Larabie Fonts Collection. Troll Bait and Vinque fonts were used in the creation of the site background and several word graphics.

The header graphic is comprised of screenshots from actual gameplay from the following enjoyable games. In order of display from left-to-right:

World of Warcraft

Mu Online

Wizard 101

bit Dungeon (hosted on Armor Games)



Gamer Guildhall claims no ownership of the aforementioned fonts or games. Copyright belongs to their respective owners. Usage of these fonts and screenshots has been done with the belief that it is acceptable under the policy of Fair Use and/or in accordance with specified usage agreements where applicable. If you own the rights to these products and would like the images removed, please contact site ownership with your request.

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