Wulf: Quest for Glory Sale

I had mentioned Quest For Glory in my last blog post and it seems that GoG.com is now having a sale on the series. It is currently 67% off an already low price for all five games. If you are interested in checking it out or are already a fan but need copies that work with modern operating systems, now is the time to grab it. This is a limited-time sale and will end after this weekend. Read more »

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Review: The Curse of the Mushroom King

Game: The Curse of the Mushroom King
Developer: Bad Viking
Game Type: Point-and-Click Adventure
Platform: Browser
App: iOS / Android


Swing your axe high and join Bad Viking as he pillages across… What’s that? No pillaging? Just a quest? To break a CURSE?!?! Well then, get ready to help Bad Viking undo this magical mischief so that he may once again enjoy the goodness of the delicacy known as PB & J sandwiches! Yum!
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Wulf: An Introduction

Greetings! Welcome to Gamer Guildhall! Inside you’ll…

What’s that? We covered that already? Hmm… Read more »

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Review: Alchemist

Game: Alchemist
Developer: Linchenko (HipnoHex in credits)
Game Type: Platformer
Platform: Browser


Lights out! No, it’s not bedtime…it’s the end of the world for this village where light is a food source! Can you bring a glimmer of hope to this ill-luminated land?
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Review: Kingsroad

Game: Kingsroad
Developer: Rumble
Game Type: MMORPG
Platform: Browser


Are you a hero? Looking for adventure? Do you enjoy new places? Then come journey to the land of Alderstone where the perils are fraught and the dangers are laden!
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RIFT: Unlock Wardrobe Appearances for Free

Craving wardrobe appearances in RIFT but don’t want to grind the currencies to unlock them? There’s an easy way to obtain these wardrobe appearances at a minimal cost that ultimately ends up being free. Read more »

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Warcraft Trailer Released

It’s official! The Warcraft movie is scheduled to hit theaters next summer on June 10, 2016. Read more »

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Review: Hero Simulator

Game: Hero Simulator
Developer: Revanaii
Game Type: Idle
Host: Armor Games


Take on the role of a hero in this simulated fantasy experience! Perfect your craft by performing various tasks throughout the kingdom. Upgrade your armor and weapon while obtaining new items and properties to aid you in your endeavors. Join guilds to unlock new quests and get increased rewards. Becoming the stuff of legends is now just a click-click-click away…
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