Wulf: Calvin and Hobbes

One of the immersive qualities of games is their ability to capture our imaginations and stir them up in a world of make-believe. But electronic venues weren’t the only outlets that offered this excitement while I was growing up. Read more »

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Notice: About Freebies

Who doesn’t like that, right? Read more »

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RIFT: Free Expansion

If you haven’t heard, Trion Worlds has made a huge announcement concerning their MMORPG RIFT! Read more »

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RIFT: Starfall Prophecy Ticket Expiration

In response to a question from our own Wulf during Friday’s February 10th (2017) Rift Livestream on Twitch, Rift Game Director Christopher “Archonix” Junior fielded a question concerning tickets received in the daily login gifts for those players who pre-purchased the Starfall Prophecy expansion: Read more »

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RIFT: Fae Yule 2016

It’s that festive time of year again in Telara! Read more »

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Runescape: Name Release 2016

Jagex Ltd. has sent out some e-mails concerning their MMORPG Runescape that may affect many players. Read more »

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Wulf: RP Dialogue

Hi all! We’re continuing to work on the updates we mentioned last month, but I wanted to touch on an additional item I’ve been involved with outside of Gamer Guildhall. Read more »

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Update: May 2016

We’re closing… Read more »

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Review: There is no game

Game: There is no game
Developer: KaMiZoTo
Game Type: Point-and-Click Interactive
Platform: Browser


This is not a review…of something that is not a game. No game review here. Do not continue reading.
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Wulf: Happy Easter 2016!

It’s Easter (or as some call it, “Resurrection Day”) and there are lots of holiday sales going on for various games and gaming products. But I think it’s important to remember the sale that started it all and is the true meaning of Easter. Did you know we were purchased? Or I should rather say redeemed…as it was freedom for us that was purchased.
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